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In short!

Main instruments are vocals, piano, keyboards.

During the years 1984 to 1990 I attended weekly piano lessons.

I also attended the general department at the Jazz School in Lucerne from 1996 to 1999.

Attended daily instrumental lessons in sitar, tabla and flute in India for a few months in 2003.

Since the summer of 2020 I have been attending weekly singing lessons with a professional singer.

I was a singer in most of my band projects:

1986 - 1989 Klaus on saxophone (Gregor on piano, Klaus on sax), without concerts.

Gränzelos Zollfrei and 6 X 7 DL (Gregor vocals and keyboards), with various concerts by both bands.

1989 - 1996 Moon Modul (Gregor vocals and keyboards), with various concerts.

1996 -1999 Two Jazz Trio's (Gregor piano, keyboards) with a handful of concerts.

1999 - 2003 SGP (Simple Groove Project), (Gregor vocals and keyboards), with various concerts.

2004 LUMAN-G, (Gregor vocals and keyboards), with various concerts.

2005 BINZ (Gregor Keyboards), without concerts

2004-2006 Gregrex Indian Ambient Acoustic (Gregor on the sitar), with various concerts.

2005 -2006 Gregrex P-Phonk Power and Gregrex P-Phonk Duo (Gregor vocals and keyboards), various concerts.

2006 -Dato Reggaedelics Band and Reggaedelics Soundsystem Solo. (Gregor vocals, keyboards and guitar),

various concerts see below.

I also played a lot of sitar, electric bass, drums, violin, flute and percussion in the band room.

In Detail!

Born in Zurich in 1974, grew up in the creative housing cooperative "Auf dem Höli" in Scherz AG,

I started musically with my piano training with the musician Thomas Rabenschlag and with neighbors.

The piano was my main instrument. My childhood dream of becoming a musician is taking shape.

My first concert in the music bar "Sonne" in Bremgarten AG. A few years later I also visited

violin lessons.

In 1989 I founded my first band called MOON MODUL with friends. The band passed over

7 years and reached a level of awareness in the area.

After completing my apprenticeship as a draftsman in 1995, I took a six-month break

India trip.

Between 1996 and 1999 I attended the general department at the Jazz School in Lucerne, playing the piano. I taught as a piano teacher at the Migros Club School and privately. I was also an employee in the technology department at the radio station Kanal K in Aarau.

In 1999 I composed my first album "never give up" in order to pass the entrance exam to the music

Academy Basel, major in Sound Design.

The release of my debut album "GREGREX indian ambient d&b" was in 2002

In 2003 I went on a one-year trip to India. With studies from local music teachers on the following instruments:

Bamboo flute, tabla and sitar. Further compositions for my two music projects GREGREX and

ROGER G. My mobile recording studio was always with me.

Back in Switzerland I started the band projects in 2004: GREGREX indian ambient Acoustic and ROGER-G-PHONK. In 2004 I also released the single "Gregrex - The man with the hollow tooth".

In 2006 the single "WAVE OF LOVE" followed from my project ROGER-G-PHONK.

Between 2006 and 2010 I attended the 4 year training in Brighton UK as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

At the same time I worked out live versions on the piano of my own compositions from my recording studio.

Between 2010 and 2012 various compositions were created under the name "GREGREX-ROGER-G" and I made a film music composition for a film project by young people, Ref. Kirche Meilen ZH.

In 2014 I released my album "Gregrex RogerG - ten years GR-0214-06" and I founded Reggaedelics.

Reggaedelics stands for a band which meanwhile consisted of various former members or for

a project whose founder and composer is Gregor Hutmacher.

Reggaedelics Band then played the following concerts over the years:

08/15/2019 Live in the Wenk Areal Aarau

08/24/2019 Live at the Waldhaus Niedergösgen

26.10.2019 live in the restaurant Tanne Schönenberg-Wädenswil

13.12.2019 Live at Hotel Engel Wädenswil

06/20/2020 Live at Boccia Club Richterswil

04.07.2020 Live at the Badi Hüttnersee restaurant...

07/18/2020 Live at the Reeds Side Events Pfäffikon ZH

15.08.2020 live at the Badi Hüttnersee restaurant

08/12/2022 Reggaedelics Band -Irie Tour 2022 in Badi Miles Village

06.08.2022 Reggaedelics Band - Irie Tour 2022 at a private party for invited guests only

07/16/2022 Reggaedelics Band - Irie Tour 2022 in the Badi am Hüttnersee

Reggaedelics also released the following albums in the same period:

2020 Release Album "Reggaedelics Virtual Sessions"

2020 Release Album "Reggaedelics - winds me irie"

2021 Release Single "Gregrex - Mental"

2021 Release Album "Reggaedelics - Change"

Reggaedelics Soundsystem Solo is a one-man show by and with Gregor Hutmacher.

Here I play the same songs as Reggaedelic's band. own compositions.

The sound, on the other hand, is completely different! More party-like!

Reggaedelics Soundsystem Solo has played one concert so far, on October 16th, 2021 at the Fondo Valle restaurant, in the beautiful Valle Vergeletto Ti.

Since then, Reggaedelics Soundsystem Solo has appeared countless times on social networks with live performances on video, there have even been individual live sessions on Facebook.

It is also very important and correct to mention that I started regularly in summer 2020

Singing lessons with a professional singer. This has changed or improved my sound extremely.

For detailed information about band and shows go to HISTORY

For detailed information about my productions go to PODUCTIONS